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People have so many points of view, with so many concepts, and translation of those that it may seem impossible to reach a common point. In between concepts, we fight, analyze, and reject. Some don’t even analyze, but only fight without stopping to think a little about what is going on. It is all about gaining control and power over other people’s opinions and beliefs.

We take it as a rule, but is that good or bad? Aren’t those concepts too?

So, you reach a point you may feel trapped. The only way to over come a concept is with another conceptualization. The infinite loop, can we outsmart it? What is needed to do so?

Concepts have given us the ability to communicate, be understood and united? Have they? Mm. Perhaps, we still haven’t found out the perfect concept application, right?

Words, words, words, that is all I do… Write, and yet, not convinced it is the best way to communicate. Will I ever be convinced? I don’t think so.

Concepts are the ideas that have aliened us from ourselves. I mean… Are words the way we think, analyze, judge, processes, and assess existence? Is what we think everything there is? Of course not, we can just be there… Is that becoming a vegetable? Who can say that? Has anyone been a vegetable, come back into being a human, and then exchange his or her wonderful experience?

Gosh! This certainly is ironic. I talk, talk, write, write, and I am not in favor of it? Not quite, nothing is really black, white or gray. Things are completely unimaginable, but sorry we can’t imagine what is inconceivable. Or can we?

What about breaking some paradigms, today? … How about thinking about something we are sure it is that way, and then… say: what I think is not the way I think…

You may think, ah! At last, you will understand life is not love, but so many horrible things.

I could be tempted into breaking my all love-life-mushy thing. I could elaborate a cruel reality and death (darkness), that is our inevitable fate. I won’t say love is everything, and we are just in a blue jelly pot in which we can’t see properly.

But love-life-mushy thing or dark humid feary stuff are at the end the same thing within our minds! Both are “mind conceptualizations” to give us a certain feeling or sense of security. Now, how can we overcome both, and actually understand life? How can I be sure I do exist, and it is not just a mind “matrix”?

My mind paradigm is: I exist.

Let’s change it to a totally counter-intuitive idea.

What if… I am not existing?!?!?!

This can’t be possible you will categorically reject because you believe in something as “you are certain of existing”, but let’s give the idea a try…

What would happen if “I” am not existing? Who is the “I”?

Could this happen?

No more need for power, no more need to control. I am not what I have thought I were. I am simply what is here as I read, my present moment.

Perhaps, could I be a character of a book o a multi-verse dream in a collective understanding of reality?


But when I hit myself, it hurts. Does it? Let myself go… Why is it so painful?

Ah! However, when it hurts really hard I cannot think properly. Who said: “I think, therefore I exist.”(Cognito ergo sum)? What did Descartes mean? Did they translate properly? Who knows? He might had a lot of thoughts in his head, but did that mean he was right?

I can be conscious, and not thinking. Or I may be sleeping, and not thinking. Or am I always thinking? Mm. I am tired of thinking.

If I could just say to my head: Standby, and enjoy the scenery, could it? Perhaps, and would that mean I stop existing if I stop thinking?

If that man is right, of course, I have never really existed. It is just a mind-thought thing, but if that man is wrong, then…

Remember: People are guides, not a rule book! A book does not represent the reality of a person, and it is arrogant to state what a person would actually believe due to his writings.

If one of those men of the past we use as a rule of life were awaken in our actual context, their beliefs would radically change if this person were intelligent enough to admit their conditioned (to their era and context) thinking.

How do I know I exist? Why do we believe everything they have “taught” us through centuries?

Have you heard the story about the woman who cut the bread in half because it did not fit in her stove, and the generations to come did the same thing although their stoves were now big enough?

Well, perhaps my perfect love beliefs and my dreadful empty depressive reality are the same inside my mind. They are just ideas that provoke certain actions and consequences.

That is the catch in here: If I want to live the “hate it all + I am it all” world, then your reality will bite your buttocks. If you live the “love it all – peace” world, then other type of chain reactions come into place.

So, after all, it all comes into the same category… Is awareness just another concept or is there a way to break the loop through a hole?

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