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The reason structures of power create fear is to control. The more pressure they maintain on creating fear maintains the rightness of their wrongness. For example, corporate copyright holders have created a mindset that says: “To share a file is to steal.” Does this statement sound morally appropriate for you? Why? Is it because you have reasoned beyond the mindset corrupt corporations have created for you? Let’s say I assume that:

To share a file is NOT to steal.

I doubt the corporate mindset assumption because our culture is distinguished by a context that:

01 Maintains profound thinkers busy in universities with “high talk” that blinds them through arrogance and pride. Does not let these thinkers to spread ideas freely because there is an obligation to constantly establish their authority through academic circles that does not contradict the mainstream ideas. (See Archive Freedom and an article on science suppression ) Provoking guilt in order to prevent sharing of valuable information. As a result, information is controlled through a peer pressure.

Goal: Control information that leads to critical thinking.

02 Creates fear in order to control. Disseminates disinformation that leads to fear. Creates propaganda that controls people’s morality. Controls creator’s beliefs, so their only option is falling into the corrupt corporate claws.

Goal: Control content creation through fear and false or non-fulfilling hope.

03 Allows the perpetuation of the belief that money provides the necessary control to thrive. Money is the goal that everyone should seek. Peer pressure is applied to those who believe and act differently to that mindset.

Goal: Control people’s identity and true desires through greed.

We live within a culture that is based on the latter ideas, but if we change those assumptions our broken belief system will change. Let’s return to our original premises: “To share a file is to steal” or “To share a file is NOT to steal”, so we can analyse how structures of power create fear to control how we think.

If we know that each idea that has been assumed as true comes from a structure of power, then how can we work without that assumption? We need to challenge common sense ideas through multiple perspectives. Let’s see why sharing a file is not to steal. Let’s being with an example that copies without any regards of our morality: Nature.

Nature is not guided by corporate greed or human belief. Nature is a good basis that challenges human bias. Now, nature copies naturally and creates small variations with each copy. Why does nature copy? What is the purpose of copying? Why have we become a culture that rejects nature’s basic principle?

We would not be here if our cells hadn’t copied from our parents cells. This is a fact. So, how can our morality go against the pattern that has allowed our existence? The answer is greed. If we have destroyed nature without regard of the consequences, why wouldn’t we go against ourselves due to that same greed?

146/365. 7 Deadly Sins : GREED

Well, we could be going against ourselves if we support corrupt corporations’ greed because these prevent us from living fulfilled and being truly creative. We support these corporations because that is what we know, what we think keep us safe, what we think is right… But is it?

In order to maintain the idea that to share is a crime, we must accept it. Thus, social guilt is established through propaganda by corporate bullies. Rather than creating social responsibility toward true creators, we fall into a blind trap. They want you to feel guilty because your guilt is fear and acceptance toward their state of affairs as righteous although they are corrupt.

For example, a business guideline could be to wear a suit. Why do they want to force you into being like them? Your own style and creative thrust might go against their views, and you need to become them: a pattern that can be disposed if it does not satisfy the greedy structure of power. This has to stop! We are all unique, although similar…

The structure of power, corrupt corporations and governments, create fear to control us. They brainwash our everyday reality through propaganda with the hope that you will not be critical of them. For example, one symptom of being brainwashed is not accepting the fact that it could be possible. If you doubt yourself, then you are in a position to doubt others.

These power structures are afraid of you because those who create fear must have fear in their hearts first.
How much doubt is proper and where should decide that belief is necesary? Well, that is up to you and your knowledge of yourself and your surroundings. Feel, intuit, and express who you are! The discovery of yourself is part of this journey called life.

No one can take that away from you, only you can deprive yourself from such liberation. No one can tell you what is right, deep inside yourself a prism of love lights you with life and creativity, and it is up to you to discover it.

Remember that no power structure will even give you real security! If you realize this, then you can begin to set yourself free from the fear and anxiety that has allowed us to be insensitive toward others’ suffering.

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