Love is a state of being, rather than an emotion. If love is a state, then why is there time? What about the universe? Can the universe also be a being if I am part of it as a human being? What is being? Can being be independent from time? Does a state always imply a process? Is love both a state and a process? What is the difference between being and emotions?

These questions can lead us to the conclusion that perhaps love is much more than a romantic and emotive notion. Love is much more profound than seen on a naked eye. Love includes compassion, fulfillment, good will, peace, happiness, and many other experiences that our world is currently lacking due to the confusion of what is actually “real”. Also, there is a lack of understanding because many do not know how to listen. If I told you that love is awareness, would you understand why?

le Bellagio

This site is not about romantic love, but about a deeper sense of love that transcends what we are taught as a feeling.  In a few words, it is about asking questions and using personal experience to draw conclusions based on introspection, science, and any other source of knowledge (such as art) that brings insight to profound everyday issues.

Photo Credit by: OliBac