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I am sitting at a porch looking at cars. They come and go, so do my thoughts. I can gaze for long hours listening to the voices in my head.

Do the voices control me or do I control the voices?

Those voices are conditioned by my past experiences. I see a tree. I know it is a tree because someone told me it was so. I am not focusing. I believe there is a man standing beside it, but I focus and no one is there.

Was it my mind or my senses?

I think...This event tells me the mind is not trustworthy. My senses can trick me and my mind can create whatever it wishes. (Example: Schizophrenia)

Is there a way to discover what is real without other people as my point of reference?

There must because we will die, and alone. So, other people’s opinions or ideas are not valid at the time of death.

So, if certainty does not come from external interactions, but from inside out. How can I discover it?

Let’s explore this with our thoughts…

The fact: Thoughts are influenced by our surroundings, if we are not aware of those thoughts and how our surroundings affect them… we may end up doing things we are not passionate and happy with.

Thoughts play a very important role, but sometimes we underestimate their power. We take a thought as a reality or a fact, when a thought is one of the most ephimeral things of this world.

For example:
I see a man with big wrist watch. I want it. I see a TV ad. I want it even more.
If I ask my self: Why do I want it? Do I need it? Can I use that money for something even better?
Answer: I don’t need it. I prefer… or I want it because…
You just stopped to think, therefore your free will is in action.
On the other hand: if you did not question yourself, and just bought it… You are just a muppet of our surroundings.
Think about it.

While I believe the media is not the one to blame, but each one of us, who don’t question things and go with the flow. If we all began asking the reasons behind everything… this world would be very different; more peaceful and educated.

The media is the result of our actions, and it is the reflection of the mayority of our society. Don’t blame the media. Question your mind, and find out: Am I being controled by someone? Or am I being free and those are my elections?


Each one of us, choose how and what to absorve in the media, if we are aware of our surroundings as they unfold. It is very easy to just blame others for the way and how we are being manipulated.

However, it is a point of view I find somewhat interesting:

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