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What is the collective mind? How does the collective mind affect our daily lives?

Society as a group of people is just an aspect of the collective mind, it is the conjunction of different factors like: the general state of consciousness of the population, your inner division (what you believe vs. others believe) causing peer pressure, and the clear necessity of doing something, to reach a certain ideal like beauty, money, power,etc. because it is well seen by the population.

To be unaware how the collective mind influences; can affect us in such a way we become prisoners of their ideals without asking ourselves: What is my passion? Do I work and feel fulfilled with it? Who am I?

I have tried to imagine why can we become prisoners of our collective (social) minds; It occurred to me (may be wrong) it is our fears, the need of acceptance, and to feel secure the reasons we loose our freedom.

Freedom is not about being a “free country”; Freedom is about a free “you”, and that does not mean to do whatever you want, but to have the ability understand who are you, then you will know how does freedom really apply to each one of us.

Virtual Pioneers Presentation for the DEN in SL-1.pngFor example, if the collective part of us (our culture) accepts something, then we don’t have to think stuff for ourselves, and most act as the general agreement. As a result, we stop challenging the true meanings of life. We get accustomed and accept the supposed “fact”:

What is wrong with that?

Culture implies: Life is just that. Get over it! Use your mind on things that produce results, like money (results the collectivity can use, and then assess as really good results).

However, the collective mind can be mistaken. It has been so many times along history. You always have a choice: To question or not to question, and find out things by yourself. Will you choose to become aware about your choices or will you choose to go with the flow?

The reason I believe we don’t question the collective mind as we should is that we don’t want to take full responsibility for our actions and its consequences.

If you can say,” It is not my fault. It is not my mistake. It is not my consequence It is the fault of the circumstances, it is the mistake of my parents, it is the consequence of a divorce, but never mine.” Then, you can have an excuse. You will not face the facts. You will not change, and this society will continue to degenerate.

Your choices affect everything because you are part of it all.

At the end, you cannot divide yourself just by thinking you are different from the collective mind. You are inside of it, but are free to be yourself if you know who you are.

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