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Who am I?

Posted on Jun 9 by

This question is very difficult to answer because we have been conditioned to answer it in a superficial manner. It is very tempting to believe that I am my identity.1 If you...


How does perspective relate to truth?

Posted on May 19 by

There are two ways to approach perspective: From the concrete and the abstract. 01The abstract can be defined as a kind of thought experiment that cannot be grasped with our...


Why do power structures create fear?

Posted on Jan 23 by

The reason structures of power create fear is to control. The more pressure they maintain on creating fear maintains the rightness of their wrongness. For example, corporate...


How can I know if I have been brainwashed?

Posted on Jan 20 by

Have you ever wondered if what you think is really original or merely a copy of your culture’s opinions without any variation? To what extent can you consider yourself an...


How to be compassionate?

Posted on Jan 25 by

There are two types of compassion: pity-compassion and love-compassion. What is the main difference from these two types of compassion? Could there be more types? What is...


How to convince others?

Posted on Dec 23 by

Do not convince. Challenge! Only radical thought has actually created change because they have challenged traditional structures of thought, and have made people THINK BY...