This is site is about asking questions that might seem obvious or simple to answer, but are actually not. For example, what does being mean? What is love? What does it mean to be human? If love is being, why is there suffering? These are the kind of questions are asked in this project. The inspiration is drawn from acknowledging that people teach us a lot of things in school, yet few teach us how to live in peace, happy, and loved.

The Eagle Nebula (M16): Peering Into the Pillars of Creation (A nearby star-forming region about 7,000 light years from Earth.)

You are welcome to answer any question as perspective plays a huge role in understanding others’ points of view. Sometimes, the greatest battles are in part of occurring because of linguistic misunderstandings. These linguistic notions give birth to ideological identities that separate us in order to gain a state of believed security within these structures.

Therefore, each question can be answered in many ways but in this site we are trying to:

Imagine a world where you question it all, green flourishes, artistic embraces scientific, diverse explodes in creative collaboration, mixed minds develop out-of-the-box solutions shaking down complexity, sincerity holds its hands to respect, kindness becomes the way to be thoughtful, and where peace is touched by true (not self-centered) love.


  • Go beyond the dictionary and its solutions.
  • Be more practical and simple than the abstract and complex language of the philosophers, but do dare to tackle those difficult questions in your own way.
  • Be interdisciplinary. No disciplines are purposely favored.
  • Be creative. You can even explain things through your artwork or any other form of expression.
  • Respect others’ opinion because there are different perspectives which vary depending the amplitude of your vision.

Love is a state of being, not a feeling.
There is a paradigm that relates love to a romantic definition. However, love is much more profound than seen on a naked eye. Love includes compassion, fulfillment, good will, peace, happiness, and many other experiences that our world is currently lacking due to the confusion of what is actually “real”. Also, there is a lack of understanding because many do not know how to listen. If I told  you that love is awareness, would you understand why?  This site is not about romantic love, but about a deeper sense of love than transcends what we are taught as traditionally appropriate. In a few words, it is about asking questions and using personal experience to draw conclusions based on introspection, science, and any other source of knowledge (such as art) that brings insight to profound everyday issues.


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Oh, and if you like to troll, ask… Why?

If you come up with a shallow answer, then this site is not what you are looking for. If you asked, who defines what is shallow?  You are welcome to participate!  However, there is moderation in the answers, and if there is no substance in your trolling  then you were not honest when answering the questions above.

Come back when you are ready to challenge yourself and grow.