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Questions are the gateway to freedom. We have been born with a keen sense of curiosity, the question digger, but as we grow older this sense fades. Why?

What happens that in a few years some of the things we were most curious about become dull and understandable (although we may not understand the underlying functions or ways it works)?

QuestionsWe want to be a “know it all” society, but there are two ways we do it:

  • We think we know. We become arrogant. You use the power of telling others you know it all to control and manipulate. Arrogance is far from knowing, it is the false feeling of a high self-esteem that comes with ignorance.
  • We think we don’t know it, so we try by all means to understand, and when done… We will continue our curiosity through new or more detailed topics. Humility becomes the true path used to grow.

There will always be something you don’t know, but as we grow older we believe there are not more evident puzzles to understand.

I mean, not everybody works like this, but if most were curious till death, then this society would NOT be so viced with corruption, greed, and violence.

We linger for freedom and peace, but we don’t ask the right questions, nor we try to doubt ourselves and our patterns.

We are not free. We want to believe freedom comes with a government. Let me tell you: It does not work that way. Freedom exists inside of you, always. How can you make it visible? How can freedom we something real? How can we stop this illusion of a free government and people? By asking questions.

Why do I call it an illusion? Those who don’t ask questions are trapped in their own (or societies) beliefs.

A belief is an illusion. It is an idea we make a reality when in fact it only is real, at first, in your head, and maybe as a result of being in your head it may become a reality.

Freedom can be like that. You have a belief: I am free.

What is freedom? What is real? Who are you?

Ask: Is that real?
Answer: Yes. <- You are not free, but you will just cheat your brain into believing so.
Answer: No. <- You are not free, but there is no difference between answering “yes” because it is still a belief. An idea placed far away from actual freedom.
Answer with another question: What is real? <- Then, you will begin a quest. The most difficult one human nature has encountered. A question so many have tried to answer since the beginning of curiosity.

However, those who have found an answer have not found an answer for YOU. What is real to them will never be real to you, unless you truly understand it by yourself. How?

  • Doubt common reasoning.
  • Ask questions.
  • Doubt your answers.
  • Ask more questions.
  • Let freedom enter.

Keep asking questions. Find out what freedom really means.

Photo Credit: by Oberazzi