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There is hope, it is called future: Endless possibilities flowing through the vast river of imagination.

What can we do to create a wiser and passion driven society? How can we think in ways our predecessors haven’t ever imagined? Well, simple or complex, we require the will to see beyond the taught.

A strong will can transform the world, the issue here is… How do we use our will?

To create “a better for all” or a “I need from” world? … It is not about forcing a way of life to all, but to create opportunities, so each person can follow their passion always taking in account the best interest of their self, families, society, country, and world.

All You Need Is Love...

We have been “taught” that:
If you don’t work for money, you are/will be poor. If you are poor, you will be inferior, you will have less opportunities, and so, you will feel bad about yourself.

Well, let’s breakdown this idea:

01Money was used as a way to exchange things. What happened many years later? We created complex systems (economic models and games) depending on the representation it created. It actually is a very good idea. To use a symbol “who used to be backed up in gold” (right now, it is not) to obtain what I need, if you don’t want what I have to offer.

02These models depend on our ability to predict human behavior, if our common behavior changes, then our models will begin to shake. It is supposed each time a variable is added, reduced or anyway changed, the model has to undertake some kind of scrutiny. That is one of the hidden layers of artificial intelligence, inside our mathematical models.

03I mean… Our brains are models used over and over, but as those need to change we do, too. Therefore, as our brain does, any kind of model needs to change if imminent. Somehow we believe variables (numbers/symbols) are the only ones to change, but that is not true. We do this because it gives us a sense of knowing and understanding, so we feel secure about our knowledge.

04If we feel secure, then we psychologically will feel stable. For how long can this go? Until, the environment becomes so unstable, so we begin to crumble down in the form of an economic meltdown, civil wars, etc.

05Life has patterns, but they evolve; this means we should be in a state of awareness in which we can oversee the consequence of a certain action will produce.

For example, I am greedy, I do not care about others. I believe money is happiness.

In time, you know that if every person behaves like this, there will not be enough to comply everybody’s needs.

Chaos will follow to raise some consciousness to the latter.

So, what should we do: A “better world for all” or a “I need world”?

You may believe, if I can have what I want, when I want it; I will be happy. I need to be rich to obtain power, influence, and to enforce my will… However, ask yourself: Why?

What is happiness? What will make me be fulfilled? Is it to have everything I wish or is it to water my garden? Is it to convince everyone to do what I want or is it to embrace my loved ones?

There is no need to exclude one from another, but to reach a balance… The way the ocean flows in peace, comes and goes, never extinguishing, always asking yourself questions to unchain ourselves:

Freedom comes from the inside-out.

Think about things thoroughly, letting the past behind to forge a future without those rusty chains of thought that have brought us into this mess.

I write in a non-strict (scientifically-proven) way. Just take if it helps, drop it if not.

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