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Fear is a conditioned reaction. Fear is what makes you feel nervous. Fear is the reaction one has when one is expecting pain. Have you ever observed closely the process of fear as it develops within yourself? Is it the defense mechanism we have developed to survive? It could be, so I ask:

What is behind the inherent capacity to feel pain, pleasure, and everything that produces a physical reaction through your body?

In a way, it is obvious. There is a physical process involved when pain is created by our skin, but what is even more amazing is the psychological process of pain. This mental pain can be felt as deep as the physical one, but the mental one can be stopped through your own brain at will. Can it? We have been taught that pain is inevitable and uncontrollable. Is this true?

Why can’t we stop pain? Does that mean we cannot stop fear?

Have you ever paid attention to the physical pain as the uncontrollable begins to take control over your body? Have you ever accepted pain, instead of rejecting it as soon as you feel it take over you? Have you listened to your thoughts as the chain reaction unfolds? Have you analyzed the way your psychological pain affects your physical pain?

It is as if something that is not tangible, a thought, could create an alternate reality based on the data you possess at that moment. That is the reason most of us act, although we may not even be aware of it, you become a slave of thoughts.

River of Sorrow

If that is not crazy enough, those thoughts may result false or incomplete as time makes the truth be clearer. So, in such ignorance, we continue existing, creating chaos, and translating justice in our best suited verdict.

This at the long run creates a false world based on your own limits and prejudices, and we educate the next generation to act in the same way. We don’t question our own thoughts because the belief gives us a sense of being certain, safe, in control, and righteous.

Perhaps, we feel unconsciously that if we can keep that “unreal” world, then the “truth” will be that there won’t be any reason to feel fear. When in fact, fear comes each time that “world” is in danger, psychologically speaking.

This is where rejection begins to rule society. We don’t understand the process in which fear beings to arise, so we try to repel everything that can endanger your sweet lies, so pain may not touch you.

The more you try to keep pain away, the more you fear. The more you fear, the closer you get to pain.

Fear is deeply related to pain, therefore, why do we feel both?

Thoughts create the perfect environment trying to keep everything in “order”, you don’t pay attention to them, so they become independent, they begin to form what you identify as your personality, sometimes even “who you are”. You are totally helpless. In a sense, you feel impotent, totally controlled, and abused.

However, you try to find excuses outside yourself. You may drink heavily or even use drugs to evade those irritating thoughts that create pain, and make you feel trapped in fear. Others, may do sports, do art, do science, and in a sense take the positive route to gain control, at least, keep it contained.

It is not enough, though.

Religion (with religion I mean any set of fixed beliefs that cannot be challenged) becomes the next path that gives security through an authoritarian “walked” route. However, if the “religion” does not let you understand yourself or the people surrounding the “religion” try to control you…

Then on the contrary, it takes you to the “bliss of ignorance” and self-denial. It can be another path to self destruction like any other kind of addiction where you live a high that keeps you there, but at the same time you may feel abused and reliant.

So, why do we feel pain, fear, etc.? I guess it is time to listen to your thoughts, and try to dissolve the reasons you suffer, live, and act. It is like using a turbine to move the fog around you, until you are ready to understand why does the fog follows you, and then… Get rid of it from the source, don’t spend your whole life trying to move the fog. Where does the fog come from?

Question those thoughts. Question the thoughts written here. Question, analyze, and live what freedom really means.Photo Credits: First By h.koppdelaney