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We tend to separate feelings and reactions, but they are so intrinsicly united… Sometimes you can’t distinguish one from another.

A possible reason we react with anger is a deceiving self-image that leads you to depression.

I try to imagine angry, but not depressed or sad people… and I can’t.

To change this we need to observe ourselves when you are sad or angry. Have you listened to those depressing thoughts, and doubted them? Tough? Practice is needed, and many times at first you will not notice, but if you persevere you will find out what is beneath your anger.

Who wants to be with an angry person? We may do it but is that relationship healty? Do we want to live constantly with a person who is always angry?

We would prefer to be with someone who is happy because their happiness is contagious.

An example: I am angry because someone I loved left me. In fact, I am really sad, very sad, but I prefer to be angry because sadness is translated as a weakness.

However, to realize, accept and understand your sadness is really something tough. You need a lot of inner strength to perceive the process of sadness in relation to anger.

We don’t want to realize the reasons and ways to overcome the sadness, and the reality of it is kept inside of our minds. Then, we may have nightmares or dreams about it. We still don’t want to realize it.

Sadness is volatile, as is anger. If those feelings are so volatile, why are we so persistent in bringing them on? Do we want to live saddened or angry? Do you know more examples?

Now… Why do we react with anger?

01 If we are sad we don’t want to discover the complete nature of our sadness, then it is probable we will continue acting with anger rages until we learn the reasons it is not the best for us.

02 It is a way to cover sadness. The mind may have this idea: If I am angry, I am strong. I am sad, I am weak. I am strong. I will get angry, instead of being depressed.

However that depression leads us to be angry, and anger brings us more depression because people who are surrounding us may stay away from us due to fear. They may be afraid of your anger or tired of dealing with it.Smile

You don’t need money nor fame. You just have to listen to those thoughts, doubt them, be aware of their consequences as you believe them…

You need to eat right. Do some exercise. Why? Body chemistry also plays an important role.

Why do we want to be angry? There is no positive effect. At a long term, we may realize that anger has had a terrible impact in ourselves. Why do we want to be sad?

You may say… Sadness cannot be controlled.

You don’t need to control it. You just need to be alert (become aware), so you can be conscious of it when it arises. You will see sadness, instead of seeing through sadness.Thus, by doing so, you will be able to understand it and perhaps find out there is no reason to be sad.

So, do you want to be angry and sad? Or, better yet, Do you want to be happy and fulfilled?
It’s up to you! Be Happy! Couldn’t do it today? Don’t worry, be happy! Wouldn’t it be awsome to be happy most of the time?

It is ironic that we may be alone many times, and never feel lonely, but when we are sad or depressed we feel left alone. Who has left us alone, other people or ourselves? Who has been keeping others away, us or the others?

Can’t be happy? Smile… Fake it!

Double act

Then without noticing it instantly, the smile will become real…

You are happy. You are lucky. You are fantastic. You are great.
You are… THE MOST PRECIOUS AND WONDERFUL BEING I HAVE EVER MET or YET NOT MET… But I will. Why do I say this? Find it out!

Photos Credit: By Alan Cleaver