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Why do people spend their lives fighting for a belief? Wars have been caused because of irrational beliefs. So, an opinion is just like a belief, depending on the faith placed on the thought implanted on your head you can name it: Opinion, belief, creed, etc.

Let’s analyze why do people fight, perhaps even till death for a creed? Could it be possible that those who fight, and impose others their beliefs are afraid of losing their security because it is placed on those beliefs?

Why do they fight? Perhaps, it is a selfish belief or a belief that is not true.

If what is being said is the truth, others will reach that truth. It is only a matter of time… So, why do people fight defending a belief they are certain is for real? Perhaps, they are afraid of opening their eyes, and realize that their belief is not true.

It doesn’t really matter if my beliefs are real or not, but what do those beliefs cause me.

For example:
I might believe in God, so I behave loving and caring toward others because God is love. Or I don’t believe in God, so I behave loving and caring toward others because peace and love are some of the most wonderful aspects of life.

Who is wrong? The one who believes or not? None, why? Both are living according to their highest sense of humanity. I still don’t understand why we prefer to be blind, to fight, to be intolerant, and abusive toward those who don’t share our “common” standards.

We don’t need to have the same beliefs to be in peace, but we do have to be humble and loving to those who don’t share our same ideas because understanding will bring us peace. It is in those differences that humanity learns how to grow, and become better through generations of thought.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always. Mahatma Gandhi

The small rocky man whispers me to admire the sky...
We could all be wrong, but a loving life will be enough to understand we are humans, and therefore capable of doing mistakes. So, there is no need to fight, but there is a necessity of understanding

Diversity is beauty.
Admiring it is love.
Love brings diversity.
So, those who accept diversity,
and admire it will live a peaceful life.

Mostly, understand ourselves because as we pretend to get to know others when we are actually strangers to ourself.

How can we spend so much time with others when we don’t spend time to observe ourselves? Could it be that we are afraid of the unknown within ourselves?

Life is from the inside -> out, but it takes some courage to admit it because if it comes from the inside:

I am responsible for each action taken by me and the train of thoughts chaining me to those actions.

That scares the hell out of a lot of people. They prefer to be blind, than to see something although they might not like what they see at first sight. However, remember if you choose to leave blindness… Those things that scare you will end up being wonderful because the translation of the senses into thoughts tend to be biased.

The only way to live peace is to give peace. Don’t expect it to come from someone or something else.

Let’s learn each day something new, so we may become better and better; loving more and more.

How? I guess there could be many solutions, but at the end each one of us has to observe him/herself. What may function to me, may not work with you…

So here they are: Ideas, just that… words you will translate into your own belief system. Shake them, doubt them, and create your own wonderful world.

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