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There are several theories about the future of this society…

01 Society will be solely a power game. It doesn’t matter if it is communist or capitalist. People fighting and controling in the name of justice or equity, but really doing it for the power, commodity, and money. Those “who have a lot” will want others ‘who don’t have a lot”, to have less, so those “who have a lot” may have even more and more.

We will live a lot more of war if we don’t begin changing ourselves, and a lot of suffering. How can you expect to live in peace if you don’t have peace in your heart?

9 roses of my loveI don’t want to think this will be the way we will end up to realize that we cannot continue on this self-destructive path to gain security through egoism. I wish we could fly away, reach the skies, and begin a new morning where human beings understand the spectrum of their actions.

02Society will see how an egoist life will destroy the earth. As a consequence, people will understand how beautiful it is to be generous. Those “who have a lot” will stop wanting more, but finding ways of giving others in a rational and well thought way. One thing is to work for your food, and another thing is to be corrupt and brainwash people so what you sell is bought.

The best way to go out of this mess it is to understand our innerself, and discover who are we? Why do we do what we do?

Always remembering, we will someday die, and leave a world for those who don’t know why we left it that way. Always remembering, security does not come into living a “better life”, but with an understading of who are you, why are you doing what you do, why are you here, and where are you doing?

Security comes into being when peace is in your heart, and how does peace come into heart? Where does love lie in your heart?

Photo Credit: By David Stephensen