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Before, science there was a lot more of magic… The earth was flat and we were the center of the universe. Today, we are round and just a dot in the vast cosmos.

What will we be tomorrow?

If things have changed, they can change again. Pretty convinced things won’t change? Ask those who banned Galileo… They surely will be on your favor.

So, what we now call miracles will some day be explained, and we will be living them constantly because we will be able to repeat them consciously, through the scientific method.

It is miracle if you wish to look at a natural occurrence as a rare one. It is a miracle if your soul admires completely the lived.

“According to many religions, a miracle, derived from the old Latin word miraculum meaning ‘something wonderful’, is a striking interposition of divine intervention by God in the universe by which the ordinary course and operation of Nature is overruled, suspended, or modified.”1

However, miracles are created by the eye of the beholder… Do you believe in the impossible?

Then, it shall occur because that perspective will change the way you look at the world.

Isn’t it a miracle we can have such a developed understanding of our surroundings we can read this on the Internet with a computer?

Les make an example about persepctives:
First concept: Olives.
Concept’s attributes: Bad, slimy, and ugly.
Consequence: I don’t interact with olives.

Why is it important to understand the influence of concepts in our daily lives?


I have been told olives are bad, slimy, and ugly. So, I never eat olives. Or once, as a child I ate a rotten olive. So, I never taste another olive in my life.

For a strange reason, I see my best friend indulge those olives, so I decide to try them again. I love them after that.

Why did a concept (the idea) stop me from enjoying olives? Yes, but concepts can also save us from a bitter experience.

However, how many concepts have been induced, and never really confronted by us? How many concepts do we really know we have? How many concepts have been questioned by you before establishing as a truth?

How many concepts produce fights and many deaths?
How many concepts produce peace and truthful freedom?

Concepts can act in several ways:

  • Limiting our forms of communication (If thought is established as the producer of all sorts of communications)
  • Establishing a determined pattern by which we can communicate

What type of communication are we talking about? Thought produces or beyond thought produced?

If we analyze the concepts that damage us, and those that help us we can begin to understand the influence of others on us. We can stop being what others say we are, but to analyze who we really are by oneself. That way concepts can become a way to communicate, but not a limit that doesn’t permit communication.

…The Eye of the Beholder can change it all…

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