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What is a free society? One with democracy? Not.

Just take a look at your “country”, and ask: Does the government work for you or for themselves? It is very easy to blind the population, most of us are sheep believing what others say without questioning. Why? We are afraid.

  1. Afraid we could be wrong, instead of accepting your perfect human nature of imperfection.
  2. Afraid we have to take responsibility for our actions, instead of blaming others for our failures.
  3. Afraid to confront the truth, instead of being constantly drunk with excuses and lies.

People who work for themselves, and never taking in account the others are corrupt.

Why? Corruption means dishonesty.

You are not honest if you believe working at the government is so you can live better, public service means to serve the public… Let’s make it clear: Not to serve yourself by pretending you are working for others. 
Of course, if you honestly work with great devotion to others, you should be rewarded… However, the reward comes after you have given to others:

Remember: The more you give, the more you get.  Give, and you shall have.

Getting that clear, we must then think a little more about liberty… Is freedom given by a country or can you live trapped although living in a “free” country? There will always be a “trap” where you live, people may be selfish, and therefore influence their surroundings, so you may not be able to do what you should. Is there a lack of freedom there? Where does your liberty end, and where does mine start? Well…

His Holiness Dagchen Rinpoche´s hand holds a vajra drawing lines that close the Hevajra Mandala, after the empowerment / initiation, Tharlam Monastery, Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal

Let’s give it another focus. Freedom as we have stated it for so long, does depend on our exterior world. However, the reality of freedom is that it does not depend on “the outer world” but deeply inside you. People may steal your whole, they may degrade your voice, and even try to rape your spirit, but they cannot touch your inner self if you don’t let them.
Yes, I know, this sounds too idealist but think about it. At the end, death will only knock on your door, leaving your body behind…
Let’s assume freedom only depends on your inner self…

Show your arguments against me… Make this world a better place, and think about it thoroughly. Don’t be just “like the herd”! THINK! ONCE AND AGAIN! Make a difference! Please!

Then, ask yourself:

  • Where does your freedom start and mine end?
  • Can freedom be gained?
  • Can you develop freedom from your own attachments and obsessive behaviors?
  • If you are constantly tormented by your conscience are you free from yourself?
  • Can you be free from yourself?
  • If you act according to your greatest sense of humanity and love, can you be free from your own judgments?
  • If you judge others, can you later judge yourself for the same issues when acting as you had previously judged?
  • If I treat you with respect, are you giving and providing freedom?
  • Is freedom only external or also internal?
  • How does freedom from yourself mean?
  • Does it mean to be selfish or giving?
  • What is freedom?
  • Can you really live freedom?
  • How does freedom relate to the truth and love?

Can you see it? It does not matter if you live in a free country, you are not free from your selfishness and suffering.

How can you be free, truly free? Is living in a free country enough? Is that country really free? NO! It is not free because each person living in that country is not free from itself.

Let’s think about freedom with new eyes, and let’s realize that you are not free. You are trapped in the routine established by those who gain from it, in the illusion of happiness while you are surrounding of so much suffering, in the lies of the media and advertising so you may happily be asleep while your life slips away from you, and in so many other killing doses of “freedom” that actually in time makes it harder to take that terrible sleeping pill that convert us into drunken/drugged sheep who do not have/want the time to think.

Palace on Fire

Can’t you see there is a fire in your garden? Can’t you see… we are all burning in pain?
WAKE UP! Let’s make change possible by looking at the mirror….!!!