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We have been taught to break rules to feel free from those who have power, but the way we do it may not be the best one. Why?

To break a rule, you need to understand the underlying reasons behind it and the probable consequences produced from your actions.

For example, there is a rule: Do not steal.
Why would you break that rule?

  1. The sense of power and the adrenaline rush produced by stealing.
  2. Severe hunger, being no more option available in your mind.

Is there a reason behind stealing? Yes, there is always a hidden & evident “why” behind everything.

Stealing is considered wrong because by doing so, you are interfering with the rights of a person who worked hard to obtain a certain good.

Remember, laws change as people change. Don’t try to break the law to change it, better change people’s ideas, thus law will change.

However, there is a lot of people out there who “legally” steal. There are no apparent consequences of their doings, don’t be fooled, there is always a result. This kind of stealing is protected by laws… If this is possible, how many other things are not ethical, but still accepted socially? A lot, this is the basic reason rules should be broken. Do it smartly.

For example, doing drugs. You may do drugs to break the rules and challenge the law. Or you may not do drugs, to challenge the peer pressure “social” rules, you’ve got to do what everybody is doing.

Is the point clear?

There are a lot of ways to break the rules. The problem is we fall into the same trap that is supposed to release us from those irrational rules, we loose credibility, and end up doing nothing…

Let’s give another example, piracy.
You may break the rules by selling or copying rigidly copyrighted content because you believe the way companies have manipulated the law is against the fundamental principles that created copyright (to promote creation). You may also break the rules by creating wonderful “commercial” work and giving it for free or by using a creative commons licenses.

the path

Now, do you really want to break the rules? Do it, but do it properly. Irrational action produces violence. Clear thinking produces change.

How? Ask yourself:

  • Is it a selfish reason?
  • Why would you break a rule for a self reason?
  • Do you want to produce change?
  • Do you want to release anger?
  • Do you want to feel the adrenaline rush?
  • Do you want to feel power?
  • Do you want to challenge authority?
  • Do you break a rule because you believe it will make you belong to a group?
  • What are the consequences you can receive by breaking that rule?
  • What are the long term consequences society could receive by breaking the rule?
  • Is the rule you are breaking challenging the law? Is there an alternative way to make the point without breaking the law?

Sometimes, the best way to prove your point is by being original. Everybody can break a law. There is probably no law that hasn’t been broken by someone. Be creative! Don’t follow the rules, but distinguish the difference between a rule and the law.

Change can only be approached slowly, people are afraid of change, don’t try to force anything, think thoroughly about your reasons, doubt them, and learn what freedom really means.

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