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After giving it a lot of thought, and trying to understand the way society has programmed us to behave…

We have been programmed to educate myself, to feel bad at myself if I am not doing something that should be called productive (oriented to success also called goal-oriented)…

For example:

You have to workout because I can’t be fat, not for health issues but looks. You have to fight for justice, not for others but within your belief (blindness due to social conditions) of what is fair. You have to be strong so you can be able to bare any adversity, but if the adversity is against your tradition of belief you have to walk away, and so on…

How does those programmed ideas affect me?

It can bring to my mind a lot of insecurities if I do not fulfill what I am supposed to do. If I get fat, I could call myself a worthless person because I cannot achieve something I am supposed to.

If I ask myself why am I getting fat?

The answer could be I feel bad about the way someone has treated me, so my sense of “you need to be strong” could be failing, so then you fall into a type of silent depression:

Where you don’t know you are sad, but get angry at everything that doesn’t work out as I thought it should, so you get very mad at yourself. As a result, you eat toward a state of believed comfort that is actually killing you.

Memories and experiences can have a positive impact in you, but if you are not aware enough they can take over you.

How can you think clearly when there is so much baggage being carried through your life?

For example, if you’ve been a person who has been kidnapped, your experience may cripple you in such a way you may begin to get furious at anyone who tries to tell you what to do.

However, fear has perfect ways to become an unnoticed companion. It is like the smoke, sometimes it is dense and seen, but others it can only be sensed by a keen nose.

Could fear manifest itself with anger and depression?

Escalera al cielo / Stairway to heaven

Searching for answers, there are two ways out:

01Numbness Certainly, this may feel the easiest way out, but it is really painful. To be blind, and ignore everything happening around you is never a solution because life will find a way to make you realize: This is an insensitive path, and only by comprehending your surroundings may you be released by the chains it brings.

02Creativity You may use art to explore yourself, you may take the analytic route by questioning it all, or you could become aware of your thoughts 24/7 trying to unveil the secrets deepest of your mind. In any case, creativity is the key because it leads us to what is not known by us, to create is to bring from what we see as nothingness to our sight. That means whatever is dark and unknown (that could bring us fear) will be revealed to our eyes.

How does fear cripple life? In any possible way you let it by not being aware of it.

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