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Are you in this mess that has been created by greedy people? It does not matter if the mess began with the wall street people or main stream…

  • Are you unemployed because of the crisis?
  • Do you feel decieved by big companies and goverment?
  • Are you searching for a way out without getting any answers?
  • Have you realized we need to build a better world?
  • Have you decided this cannot keep on as it has been?

If you have decided to wake up, and do something to change your life for good, you may like what you read here:

First of all, let’s start with the birth of this crisis.

A while ago, some people decided to create big corporations where some had to do an initial big effort, and then start to hire people to do the hard work, so at the end, they would have an easy life with a lot of fun.

This “seems” to be going allright because it looks like a win-win situation, but let’s face the fact:

When you work for someone, the win situation goes to the one who hires you. That’s the reason they hire you, if not, they would not do it. For example, if you don’t want to work like they say you should, they will fire you. No questions asked. They won’t say: Poor employee, he has a family to feed. You are just… that… an employee.

So, you don’t say anything. You go with the flow. It seems easy to just go to work, come back to your family, and keep things rolling as the established companies and government (maybe bought by companies) say it should be run.

You don’t ask questions. They tell you that as long as you work for them you will have SECURITY because you’ll have medicare, a steady paycheck, and the posibility to have a loan to buy stuff you cannot afford.

You go for it. You never asked questions about this because everybody is doing it. It is the safest thing to do.

BUT… It happens.

You realize you were not needed in that company. You realize it is not the safest option. You see yourself being in debt, with the need to feed your family, and without your youth (if you worked for a long time at a company).

You realize something went wrong, and nothing seems positive at this time.

What can be done?

Start asking yourself fundamental questions.

Why have we left the important decision to a few? How can we gain control, again? Why have we created a big monster of power where a few can control a lot? Why did we let the expression “to have a job” become the important stuff? Why didn’t we see that “to create” is the basis of progress? What do I want to do with my life? Why did I separate my passion from my work? How can I do what I love and at the same time have enough money to sustain my family? What is “enough” when it comes into buying goods?

You can keep asking more questions until you reach a level of confort, then after seeing your past as a nightmare, and coming up with an dream future:

Stop! Do not travel to another land, instead use your head! A true land of dream and opportunities is here in this present moment through your own will. Simply be creative!

This mess has come into being because there is a lot of greed around us (or is it inside us?)? It has become a reality because we don’t ask ourselves enough questions to understand what is going on around us.

Once the basic questioning is finished (it may never be finished, but you will need to get into action when you get a certain level of direction); you will need to decide:

Do I want to create a small business or do I want to provide my services to others (as a job)?If you want to provide a service, can it be done as a freelance or do you require to depend on another business to do so? What do I enjoy the most doing? How can I create a service or product where I feel very good doing?

However, bribery and corruption promoted by the goverment within the rich private sector has left you in this situation. The government is not thinking about you, it is thinking about itself, as are the rich greedy people. And, as long as it is happening that way, others will want to brainwash you into what is best for you, but for their sole convenience.

What is needed are small “family” business, that cannot be taken down by big corporations, because they are protected by the goverment is better than an irresponsible bailouts to private institutions.

commerce bank card 2

We’ve got to wake up to realize that credit is a rope if not used properly!

So, here are the options if you feel you are inside an economic crisis tornado:

01Create your own small business: Start with something you can do inside your home. For example, you can sell home-made cakes, bread, etc. You can go with your neighbors, and tell them that if they need cakes, to please buy them from you, not from Walmart or HEB. When your sales are coming, you can start by printing some flyers, and give them out at your neighborhood. If you don’t like backery, the idea is to do what you most love, and find a way to make a living from it. If you like creating wood airplanes, well try to sell them to people you know, then expand. If you like to travel, create a small travel agency, and find the best opportunities online, then post the opportunities on a local newspaper or by internet. If you like to invent, start your creations, do it at home, and at the same time open an online business;

There are so many ideas! There is no limit, just focus on your passion, and work hard because you love it.

02Create your online business: There are many options here, you don’t need to spend a lot to have a good open source online shop like Magento. There are more open-source options like ZenCart, Prestashop, OsCommerce, VirtueMart (needs Joomla) but I prefer Magento because it is really profesional. You can also, do other things, like start a blog or create a community, and win money from the ads or create a donation module. It all depends on what are your likes, how much money you need, and how fast you want to win it. However, you can do other things online at the same time in the meanwhile like;

03Become a freelancer: Start looking for jobs at different sites like Elance, Sologig, Guru, NetTemps, Get A Freelancer, Rentacoder, Dice, Proz, Computer Work, and a lot more of options depending on your kind of expertise.

It is your opportunity to embrace change, and bring something positive out of it. Use this crisis to gain control of your life and the experiences you want to live.

Have you had a dream that could not be done before? Do it now! Take the courage needed, and break mind limits. Things can only get better when they feel the worst.

Photo Credit: By The Consumerist