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Each language differs in structure, symbolism, interpretation, intention, sound, etc. It distinguishes one culture from another, and consequently influences the way we have been taught to process information.

As a simultaneously taught bilingual child, you can use different brain pathways to understand things. When studying foreign languages, so you can think in two more languages. Thus, the way your brain translates, processes, understands, and uses pathways is different.

At first, you use only your memory, you identify figures/numbers, and assign them a clue name. So, whenever that symbol wants to come into life, as magic, you just say the “abracadabra”, and it opens inside your mind. The power language has inside your head is immense, but our comprehension of the consequences of such power is limited scientifically.

How can you understand the system and its processing once it is running?

We live limited, and the only way to see your own limits is by challenging your brain, but… there is a downside or entropy:

Our brains use “language” to understand itself. How can you challenge your brain when you use words to think?

The brain developed the ability to use language, as a chimp, we can understand some abstractions, but we are unaware of our own limits because: How can you see a limit if you cannot see where you are standing?

For example, how can a chimp know it cannot speak, when he is not aware of speech?

We are somehow like that, but in a more “advanced” sense. We are trapped in a world of language where it becomes the one that liberates us, helps us understand things beyond “animals” can, but at the same time stops us from seeing our limits.

When you learn a language and can think without translating, there is a transformation: Imagine a brain with different functional operating systems; where you can choose to use a Linux from from a proprietary operating system software.

When are you running a Linux?

You can get support from any other person who is part of your community: You are open, honest, trying to keep a healthy relationship, so it continues, and always in a conviction that there is good will around you.

When are you not? When you are afraid, need to use chains, there are a lot of bugs, and you cannot solve those problems because they are outside the box they sold you.

We live brainwashed when we do not question enough. If we could hack our own operating system by using different languages, thought processes, and creative community support… We could free ourselves from the chains created by greed, pain, and any kind of unhealthy behavior.

The problem comes into being when we don’t ever realize what is an unhealthy behavior, we don’t listen to our thoughts, and we become comfortable running a proprietary software.

We need to stop this, not because of “the need of a better world”, but because living passionately, doing what you love, and being really happy is something we all should have a right to live. Not just to expect something from “the government” such as taking care of our rights, but because each one of us understand how our brain works.

Therefore we can understand how our thoughts interact with us, and how can we live peacefully inside-out.

Its like we are provoking pain without being aware of it, there is a need to realize what is inside of us, but our own language limits us, the way we communicate with ourselves is through thoughts, is there another way to reach my mind?

How can I gain control over my brain? Unchaining language.

This picture is an example of how language has its chains, but also the key to our own freedom:

day 87 - Love Letters

Language is not all we’ve got to understand ourselves. Is it? Could it be just one of the known pathways? Are there more?

How can we reach new pathways if we use solely language and concepts inside our brains to communicate to ourselves? Are there other possible ways?

Photo Credit: By margolove