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Do we defend others rights? Can we defend our own rights? What are the rights we can defend? Our rights are explained to each country in different ways. Although, we may believe there are universal rights… Why do some countries ignore these?

Why does a country say it proclaims to have provide rights to its citizens, why does he limit those rights to aliens or immigrants? Why do countries and people live a double standard? What is going on?

One reason could be that in their minds a right has to be won. You have to win a citizenship, a position, experience, power, money, etc. Is this correct? Is this part of our goal oriented type of society that fools us into believing that there is an ultimate prize to be met?

For example, television commercials are all the day telling us what is the best and what should we buy. Is this good or bad? None. Why? The people who put those commercials on want to sell more.

The reasons: They want or need money for a believed “better life”. Is there a perfect balancing act in all of this? Is there a fundamental need of a radical shift?

Maybe or not, it all depends on what you think you deserve (your belief system). This is tricky because perspective is really important in order to communicate, but do we actually acknowledge the depth of awareness?

Balancing Act

Can the earth sustain trillons of persons who seek and have that believed “better life”? Can we all have a car, big home with air condition, buy things at the grocery store, and forget about how does that food reach your table? Perhaps, we depend on how techonlogy becomes more efficient and earth friendly.

What is happening that big companies need to delay the progress of technology to have the most income? When does enough mean enough? When will we realize that the progress vs income has to take into account the way we are destroying the Earth by delaying GREEN techologies in our homes.

The fact is we can’t live like that, profit should not be before ecology, humanity, moral, ethics, justice, and truth. Suppose technology becomes friendly to the earth, and now we can live that “advanced better home”; what will happen then?

What is a “good home”? What does the concept “enough is enough” mean?

Will the entire population seek a another “better home”? Probably the ones who sell will continue to tell you “more is better and more is always possible”. Is this actually true?

Where will this kind of goal oriented society lead us? When will be stop and begin to think by ourselves instead of letting others fill our agendas? When will we be the leaders of our own fate as a human race instead of falling into the trap of the herd who believes as is told?

Photo Credit: By Lawrence Lew, O.P